A friend, an example

I was particularly thinking of Inayat Khan’s continual insistence that he was human, had learned more from his faults than his “virtues” and that we served him and his cause badly by putting him on a pedestal. One of his associates, Murshida Green, a former theosophist, talked to us young pupils in Suresnes, asking what Inayat Khan meant to us. “Well,” said I, “A friend, an example..”
“Oh you don’t understand at all. Inayat Khan is so far above your understanding — you could perhaps consider us, his older disciples, friends, examples..”
We departed for Inayat Khan’s lecture that evening, miles away. Inayat Khan walked thoughtfully up the rostrum, waited as if listening, then said, “Before I go on to my subject this evening, I want to say that sometimes a teacher’s best friends become his worst enemies — by lifting him up on a pedestal like an inhuman monster instead of what he wants to be, a friend, an example, and a friend liable to human faults and shortcomings like everybody else.”
(from correspondence)


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  1. Amidha

    I think it is important that we don’t do this to Shamcher.

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