Beyond Religion

It is perfectly all right and highly beneficial that he advocates and practices the Muslim tradition and paints sufism in that light. Likewise it was beneficial that my New York sufi friend advocated and practices her effort as a “Christian sufi”. The way the muslims (or Christians) hearing about this will be friendlier to us and possibly accept our message. It is also good that many large sufi groups do the same. Inayat Khan would never contradict any of these but encourage them all. They came here for a specific purpose, with ties to the past.
Apart from that, no, Inayat Khan was not moved by Western parties, or ever diverted from the task given him by his murshid Sayed Madani. For Inayat Khan himself this meant never to embrace or favor one religion or its practices above any other and above all to realize the essence and purity of the original message now to be given.
(from correspondence)


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