Enter That Other Vehicle

Some people meeting a man they don’t like, put their noses in the sky and say: “We’ll look him up.” So they look in reports by Government agencies and Credit Bureaus and wallow in the muck and lies. It is not that bad with the sufi papers and reports, though sometimes almost. Every single human is a source of endless nonsense. All reports, rules, laws, “established facts” are so much trash.
Yet one’s duty is studying carefully whatever reports one wishes to study, with utter attention, yet again (and here comes the difference) with utter humility, knowing some or most of it may be worthless trash. If one strives for exactness along with this humility one may find a new vehicle. Most of the people who attended Inayat’s lectures don’t know as much as those who entered this other vehicle, though of course even if you did attend Inayat’s lectures you still can enter that other vehicle. It is called Intuition, Divine Intuition.
(from correspondence)


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