The Right Thing will Materialize

One’s soul (which is not often in close contact with the “mind”) may deliberately place obstacles in the way to test and increase your strength and determination. Besides, your soul or its agents may stop you from obtaining one goal because there is another one waiting for that to happen. Fight and strive and look and be confident that in the end the right thing will materialize.
A few “religious” people happen into this frame of mind and draw wrong conclusions. A Methodist minister may heal people or acquire all he wants, and he claims it to be because he believed in Christ his savior and thinks that a Hindu who prays to Shiva will never be able to do what he does.
But they do, and even more often, (because there are more of them). Those are universal opportunities, or you may say they are the only worthwhile things although our fathers and mothers and schools and churches and universities have generally no idea about it and never taught us.
(from correspondence)


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