Two Points of View

There is nothing I would like better than to come to this important meeting on July 5. Since at the present time it seems doubtful that I will be able to, may I express the same hope as you have so often expressed, that apparently different concepts and directions for spreading of the Message will mutually recognize and approve of each other.
“A sufi has two points of view, his own, and that of the the other” is to me one of the most profound statements of Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan and directly applicable to this case. Pir Vilayat’s and Hidayat’s efforts for the Sufi Message are both to me limitless and wholly satisfactory. Some members of each group show limitations, but these very limitations are often pathways for aspirants who need them at their stage in life and so even the limitations become assets.

(from correspondence)


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