Vilayat and Hidayat

I have for a long long time tried to move Hidayat to take active leadership. Now he has. He has added a most necessary aspect of Sufi approach, I am still a lifelong friend of Pir Vilayat and the others, as Hidayat and all of them know. I see different tasks before each one of them. Together and with what we will additionally have in the future, the substance of the Inayat Khan sufi message is fulfilled and reach the various classes of people. I see no difficulties. But those who feel their own views and attitudes are the only correct ones, and the others false, they see difficulties.

(from correspondence)


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One response to “Vilayat and Hidayat

  1. Ophiel van Leer

    May this wonderful statement help in bringing more harmony between workers of both the Sufi Movement and the Sufi Order
    Ophiel van Leer, Nidderau, Germany

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