from correspondence

6 March
Dear S___,
When we received your poster I told Evelyn: Be sure to put it up before S___ comes. So you came and she hadn’t. Immediately I put it up, with my own little firsts (sic). You came three times – and didn’t see it? It was up.
Actually, we are lazy and ungrateful. Presents of any kind bother us. They shouldn’t of course, but so it is. Not merely with us — many others too. So I have just as much trouble giving presents as receiving them. I assume people like presents just as little as I – we — do. And of course, I never deserve them anyway. So why do people give them? for nice and good reasons. But don’t give us anything any more. We don’t deserve, and feel funny. Your poster was beautiful by any measure. But we like nothing on our walls. Our only interest is to have little, when we move.
You are a brilliant being. Give only yourself. That’s more than enough.


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