Letter to Indian Youth Council

16 August 1978

National Indian Youth Council
201 Hermosa NE
Albuquerque N.M. 87108

Dear Friends:
The strip-mining you wrote me about is not merely a crime against you and all of us but is completely unnecessary and wasteful as a possible energy source. For thirty years now we have known — all who cared to know could or should have known — that we can get all the energy we need out of the Oceans. We built test plants here at the university of California in the fifties — as long as the funds lasted. Then for years, no funds became available, nobody in the Government was interested, it seemed — until the oil price in the seventies when suddenly the National Science Foundation seemed to wake up and ask for “more studies”. Seven major universities, a number of large firms replied with huge volumes, all of them saying: Oh yes, we have all that power available in the CEAN. The Government seems to know from what they do with one hand — again not knowing from what they do with or through another hand, agency or publication.

Use this in your court sessions if you like. I’d be delighted to testify. Your case may help the US Government to wake up. It’s about time.

1ncidentally, why don’t you have an Indian or at least one of Indian blood run for president? Even if he’s not elected the first time, we need this for a freshening of our handicapped government. He should run without money. Money so far has polluted every president, every administration. Newsmen would come running to publicize a bold man or woman who’d run without money. And he (she) might have a suggested cabinet, to show what kind of people and causes would be favored. Above all he (she) must have a program. A program of sound, not unsound energy development, of sound, not unsound economy. I read one Indian Chief’s answer to a US President who wanted to buy his land. “Buy my land? How can you buy the North Wind? How can you buy the spirit of my land?”

Bryn Beorse
Research Associate, Research Engineer Emeritus, University of California.


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