Swami Rama and Rolling Thunder

from correspondence:

Thank you very much for your letter of 4 October about Swami Rama and Rolling Thunder. Only now have I come around to it, for I am in a rut like all others finishing two books about all we have to do now to live a happier, better, more fascinating life as a nation than we ever have before, with full employment (but not yet exactly employment as you wish it. That’ll come later) and so on, and I have no time for the next 100 years to read anything except letters like yours which give me all I need to get in touch with a rolling thunder and a Swami Rama. Incidentally, from your letter and from further contact they are the same, both know the inner and both master the outer, so Rolling can meditate like Rama and Rama can change the weather and the sun.
Rama asked me to come to his place and after much meditation I did and had to explain why to the many sufis who had expected me to come to them and I hadn’t time then or I was in a hospital and things like that but I did combine it with a trip to Cleveland Sufis and intended to go to abode but couldn’t (because of things in Cleveland) but instead visited the Abode in another fashion.
Swami Rama told me one evening he wanted to see me again in the morning and one of his most trusted and long-time old associates told me, “Oh that means ten o-clock or after for the Swami never gets up before then.” So at 3:30 in the dark morning I went outside and there was Swami Rama, outside, in the cold night and embraced me, mumbling my name — showing how little even close associates know about other people. So don’t need to read other people’s books about him. But he is in with Inayat Khan and told about how some sufis were martyred because they told their pupils to honor hindus and buddhist as much as or more than sufis.
What I once wondered about and asked you to find out from ___was what was now the relationship between Dr. Elmer Green and Swami Rama. That has been found out. For Swami it was simply changing from a temporary “showing you” to Menninger onto a wider educational role. For Elmer it was a funny combination of reluctant admiration and standing on your glorious medical-science tradition and duy doubt and criticize, so that for example Dr. Simonton who has achieved wonderful mind-cures of cancer says of Green “I respect him deeply. I just know that what he says just isn’t so.”
If I can come to the Leaders class 16 January, may I make use of your long-standing invitation to stay with you? I thank you again for offering it in connection with ___ but I did not come to see him, even though I was deeply and unwittingly involved in his great venture. Probably to the fury of all. For this was one of the most dramatic and funniest stories of the year. So ordained. So resulting.
Love and admiration


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