Airmail Biographical Questionnaire


Full Name (surname first)      Beorse, Bryn

Date of birth (optional)        26 Day April Month 1896 Year

Place of Birth: Christiania (Now OSLO), Norway

Profession: Generalist (Engineer, also called Economist, Psychologist, Idiot)

Details of Education:
Norges Telniske Hoiskole (Norway’s MIT) and further education in 65 countries.

Any personal details (relating to family background, marriage, etc.):
Father Eivin Bjorset, Norway’s chief hydrographer, and his wife Helga. Married to Evelyn Jones in 1947. Still married.

Details of Professional positions held (in chronological order):
Should I laugh or cry? A complete list would fill your book. Excerpts: “Jackaroo” (Lowliest hand on a sheep station in Australia) Unofficial financial advisor to Sarajoglu Shukri Bey, the illustrous finance minister of the “Young Turks” when Kemal Attaturk took over Turkey. Official advisor — member of a government commission – to straighten out Norway’s economy after the wreckage of World War II. Non-appointed consultant with the Kennedy Administration and to Dr. Arthur Schlesinger, Sr. Seymour Harris, Dr. Bissell and others. Appointed head of a mission to Tunisia by the United Nations, as “Economiste-Ingenieur. Non-appointed close co-worker of Dr. John H.G. Pierson in the work of establishing Guaranteed Full Employment in the United States and other willing countries.

Membership of Societies, clubs etc. (with any offices held) in order of importance:
Nothing is important. Or is everything important? Two distinguished Norse economists proposed my membership in Econometric Society, then the war came and I don’t know whether I am a member. Member of the society of American Value Engineers. Member of the Sufi Order. Vice President and esoteric witch (head) of same.

List those publications in which your biographical note and/or special mcntion of your activities have already appeared, Your answer to this question is particularly helpful for newspaper and reference library users of the Dictionary of International Biography. This information will be coded at the end of your published entry in DIB, In Volume Twelve of DIB we are coding 141 biographical publications thus making our publication the most valuable reference work in the current biographical field.
Except that some biographical notes appear in all the books listed below I know of no mention in other publications.  However, in the files of intelligence units in 65 countries you may find more information about me than I know myself.

Creative Works (publications, compositions, paintings, etc.):

Efter Oss Kommer Overfloden (after us the glut). Wor1d economic survey. Aschehoug Publishers, Oslo Norway 1934
Distribute or Destroy, Allen & Unwin London 1936
Fra Kriser til Kredit Kontro1(From Crises to Control of Credit), with co-author, Grundt Tanum Publishers, Oslo Norway 1937
The Future is Ours, Analysis and proposals for USA Economy,  Forum Pub1ishers, Boston 1948
Man and This Mysterious Universe, survey of Western and Eastern sciences,  Philosophical Library New York 1949
A State of Almost Happiness, a ‘factua1 novel’ from China and Tibet Manyland Publishers, New York 1972
Underground, a novel about underground during world war II in Europe, coming out, Echo Publishers, New York, 1975 and: Based on detailed information received at M.I.5, I drew, with M.I.6, an infallible plan to kidnap Hitler, end World War II in the fall of 1944. All British, including the cabinet were reported supporting it enthused. F.D. Roosevelt turned it down (I was told): “The Germans must be beaten so they know it.”  Millions more died.

Honours, prizes, etc. awarded to you
I have always considered myse1f too future-oriented to be honored by my contemporaries, and — I seem to have been right. But give a hundred years ….

Your official address for postal communications: (for publication in DIB)
Keyport WA 98345 USA
(Letters have reached me in two days from all over Europe with the simper address: Bryn, 98345 USA)


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