From correspondence:

I am the bad boy of the Sufi effort to some, and the good boy to others, because I accept nothing that isn’t already in me.  I see that stagewise gradual development through an accepted “teacher” can be all right for some cases, and also can lead the aspirant to stand pat and never go forward or even backward.  Anyway, it is not MY way, neither as a “pupil” or a “teacher”.  The only thing I can do is to live and act myself all the time, and those who like it, fine, and those who don’t, equally fine.  For who am I (or anyone else??) to judge whether a seeker shall have only a nickel or a whole dollar or all of yourself?  The least you can give is all of yourself, at once and forever.  And he or she who feels like a pupil today, why should he (she) not switch to a teacher, away from his once-upon-a-time teacher the next second?  Indeed, he ought to.


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  1. Ah, what refreshment is released when someone just tells the truth!

    Cheerfully, Roger Kuhrt

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