Dream of Shamcher

Shamcher gave some of his deepest teachings to me through dreams:
Sitting beside him, parallel,  sort of like the talking tubes in 2001 A Space Odyssey.  Suddenly two streams of falling lights like the cosmos, like nebulae falling into one stream.
Once when I had a long dharshan with Shamcher, at the Canada camp in the 70’s, I saw that those eyes reached as far back (forward, upward, downward) as I could go.
Later, just before he achieved Union, my dream in which I knew was preparing me:  A group of activists late at work.  Suddenly the fire door bulging, ready to explode.  We evacuated, Shamcher and I last.  He stopped in the stairwell, and said we have to go back and help the guy (in the wheelchair).  I was dismayed, but knew I had to help.  Afterwards, he kept on going down to the bottom of the stairwell, below ground, and lay down. (“Down where all the ladders start/ In the foul rag-and-bone shop of the heart.” -Yeats)  I told him, again with dismay, he couldn’t stay there, and a now healthy, strong young man helped me carry Shamcher outside into safety, but he never woke up.  Then a quick image of an airplane flying over Afghanistan, Shamcher younger, holding my hand as he hung outside the plane, ready to let go.  Then the plane flew under the (Rainbow) bridge (where I grew up), and up.
There are more dreams, personal, and each worth of being called teachings of a lifetime.  He seeded us each opportunity he got.  Always emphasized the Elemental Breaths, to never forget them, if nothing else.
I knew when I met him that “It” was possible.  I have spent a lifetime happy just to try and catch up with those visions of possibility that he embodied: His laughter in the midst of deadly serious politics-that’s why I love that photo of him in his office in U. Berkeley working on OTEC.
I will keep writing some memories, dreams and otherwise.  He is a constant and living presence in my life.  I have named my first and only son after him.
Judy Evaski


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