10 Ready to Go Energy Systems

From Correspondence:

Yes… And oh yes, you can physically act and do.  You are so right.  At New Dimensions all were shouting about consciousness.  I was on the panel latest. 

I said: "Whoever has the patent on consciousness, would you please restrain the un-authorized shouters so we can get time to act?  I am your survival agent.  Is it worth while to survive?  For humanity I mean?  I think so.  I think humanity is promising.  In a million years we may really be humans. At the moment we are dangerously dumb.  Even you here, some of the best of humans, know no better than spending a whole day yapping about consciousness.  While what we need is energy systems.  And we have 10 of them, ready to go, cheap and fast.  and we don't go.  We just yap about consciousness and let the idiots kill us all with nuke monsters.  Get up!! Act!!!" 

I got fifty letters saying I was the best, the only speaker who got right down to brass tacks.  No no, as conductor Tabris said when he was asked how it felt to be the world's best conductor …."Best conductor? Bull shit, there is no such thing.  I just happen to be the only one barely managing."    Yes work beyond the body and the results may be smack in other people's bodies.  as the yogis do, but they would fail if actors on the scene, such as you and me, were not also available, presenting bodies to act through.  ….Yes it is to us to do these things, and everbody who wants to can do it by talking, shouting, writing, whispering, thundering, not merely about the "new" (or very old) age or unity or the message, but by spelling out ten ready to go energy systems.

love Shamcher


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