Bohm’s View

In a letter to a fellow scientist:
…Dr. David Bohm's "enfolding-unfolding universe" permits a more unified terminology.  The Cartesian viewpoint, shared by Newton, Einstein et al, see points or subjects in the universe determined by grids in space and time.  Bohm feels space-time grids merely represent our oblique perceptions.  To him, points or subjects in space are interlinked by characteristics, not space-time grids.  So General Uban in India and Dr. Xenofan on Jupiter are closer to us than Ed Teller at Stanford, who, along with the UW scientists belong in the respected category of fierce loyalists, loyal to their once-conceived perceptions.  While you and Dr. John Gofman and I are more eager to change viewpoints when additional facts stare us in the face, and favor paths that we call more true (absolute truth is evasive so far) – and paths that may save humanity and our dear animal and vegetable friends from annihilation.


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