Obey the Voice

From correspondence:

Your recent undated letter was such a shock to me I am hardly able to write yet, but I try. Don't you know that I have nothing to do about my own life, where I go, when, what I do, where? Secret agents of the British, the USA, the Russians, the Chinese, the Nazis understand. They have no rights over their own lives, where they go, what they do. If they disobey, they are quickly eliminated.

Who commands me? Not the British, not the USA, not the Chinese, not the Nazis, not the Arabs. Who then? The Voice. It is not me at all. I don't know who it is; from whence it comes. I just have to obey it. I had to go to NY and Washington DC. I had to see certain people and places – not of my choice. Good old friends who certainly expected to see me didn't. Not even a vice President of Mobil Oil.

Now you say you can't see where I could possibly have an excuse for not coming? I need no excuse for anything. I am coming when the VOICE says so, not when I or you say it. That has no influence whatever -except intense pain. When you so choose. Also I cannot accept any transportation or other cost from you or anybody else – except when the Voice tells me so.

Also, I can never accept that any body of people wants to hear or see me. That is pure nonsense to me. So how could I ever accept any money for my travels from them? Seattle was another matter. They wanted my FAME, thinking I had it. So they offered transportation cost. They never paid it but they offered it. For a "famous man" attracting audiences. So the voice commanded "Accept, and hassle them if they don't pay, but never get involved (emotionally) in that hassle yourself". So it did and did.

P. has now sent my war book on I am sure. If not the voice tells me to hassle him – through you, through this letter. I must finish a few things before I pass. Do I know when I will pass? The Voice will tell me when I am to know. Not before.


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