What’s the Point?

From Correspondence:

24 May 1979
You are so precious with your changes.  All life is change.  If no change there is no life.  You are also so right in that sometimes I impersonate some one – actually I always do – and you must never take me very seriously.  In fact, life is so serious that it must never never be taken seriously – as ___ sometimes does.  For example, when he saw that letter, he served me with the remark that he didn’t see my point or that he didn’t see the point in it. How marvelously correct, for according to any definition of a “POINT” it has no extension any either way, so how could it be seen? and who the hell does he think I am that I should have points – even THE point – displayed in any collection of sounds called words?  Did you ever expect me to have a point – let alone the point? Whom do you-all take me for? Do his precious Indian friends have points, let alone a point or even “THE” point?    Let me, please, once and for all dis-a-point you-all: Not even a single point, ever, let alone “the” point will ever emanate from this source.

This is really serious.  Our so-called civilization is always looking for “points”.  Nothing alive as any point at all.  Your heart is a huge pulsating mass extending through the universe.  You cannot find a single point in it even through a magnificent magnifying device.  Neither I nor nature see points.  There aren’t any.  Now you can show this to him too.  Maybe he’ll see the point.  Even though I don’t.

What a boring page.  And it isn’t even finished.  But you showed me what to do about that: Just don’t finish it.  What’s the point?

Love, Shamcher

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