You Don’t Need any “Teacher”

From Correspondence

15 January 1980
As Abdul Aziz Said says “A person on the path is never lost” and neither are you. It is sweet that you are anxious and in doubt but in reality you are ahead of most and on the path and you certainly don’t need any “teacher”. Nobody really does any longer, except for learning shoemaking or driving an auto.

When a person is full of self and pride, he may benefit from one nobler and wiser for a guide but when he/she has abandoned the silly belief of a separate self and realises that there is only one single being he needs no more teachers. Millions of benevolent wise beings press on him and enter his being, advise and guide him and any outside “teacher” would be a gross imposition.

You still have friends of course, but none of these must impose himself as a “superior”???teacher. Then it is all lost. Be delighted to see you any time, as a friend, nothing else. Inayat Khan was so special that he possibly believed, for a while, that a teacher was good. But not always equally good. When you understand these things you have no more trouble.

We are all very ignorant at present. Humanity is on a primitive stage yet. In science, medicine, technology – what we “know” is practically zero. Don’t worry about that. Many great hindus let us wander into oblivion. My duty is the opposite: to prevent this, or try, to my last ounce of life. General Uban also tries as I do, and is surprised that even the most famous yogis have given up on human survival already. I never give up, nor do I worry. I just work. And so do you, bless you. But listen to the being and the One Being – and not to outside so-called teachers.

If in my hurty [sic] I missed some of your questions, write me again. I must admit I am always in an awful hurry – to try to make humanity survive.

Love, Shamcher

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