Dolphin Eye Drops

From Correspondence:

20 January 1980
Dear ____
Thank you for two letters. It is clear from them that you are one man who can solve the eye drop problem along with one or more Canadian eye medical doctors, preferably of the modern medical type who acknowledges the virtue of some Indian and other native medicines. Fred’s and Dolphin drops are good but not necessarily the best. With your own and the eye doctor’s knowledge you may produce something as good or better. Also, if the eye doctors wants to he may go to the Medical association in Seattle and together they may make Fred reveal his formula or else he would be prohibited from making or selling it. The doctors are welcome to come to me for information on the whole story. My sight was threatened by extinction in the fifties, all doctors medicines no good. The Dolphin Drops cured me completely even increased my sight. A woman in Seattle had a diagnosed cancer on her eye lids. It disappeared completely after some months treatment with the drops.
In your letter of 9 January you generalize about the state of the world. This is based on your education through school, sufism etc. and not the best way. The world is as it is today simply because humanity is still very young and strays in all directions. Nothing particularly wrong or unexpected with that. Unfortunately though we may be wiped out because ….. Do not, please, mention any of all that to the doctors or other you talk to about eye drops. Neither about sufism. Much in sufism is not right. I mean: in the minds of some sufis today. Nor are the “gurus” from India or Tibet right as a group. Some few individuals are. On the whole: speculate if you will, but don’t take that too seriously. A time will come when you will see. Then you will talk very little, perhaps not at all. In your lifetime you may meet one or two people who are clear. That is all today.

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