From Correspondence

12 March 1980
Dear ____

Why should you think of anything else than Babies and Birth?  You lucky girl – we stupid men can never have that supreme joy and experience.  Poor us.  What you say of the land at Unadilla is so much in my way and veins.  I have never seen it in snow.  It must be beautiful…..What message did S___ deliver?  I certainly never talked about you “giving up hope” – you need no hope, you are already “there”.  What would there be to give up or not give up?  Whether a thousand men come bowing, scraping to take part in the learning from and raising your great heir – what do you care? You will accept one or all as you see fit and if I ever had any message for you it would be awe and admiration.
By the way, do you know what stupid thing I did?  Just after marrying Evelyn I went on an almost suicide mission to China, in 1949-50 when the communists took over and everything was civil war, shooting all over, escaped from Chungking in a “missionary” plane, bumped into a telephone pole we knocked down, but miraculously made it anyway – was away for months and came home, just in time to be the first to lift and burp our first-born, Bryn.  How could Evelyn stand such idiocy?  Of course I thought then as now I was saving the world – while Evelyn all that time had that greater mission: Carrying Bryn, and without my presence or support – until I came home, poorer than ever, nothing accomplished – and discovered the unique experience of being an assistant to a real mother…so you see how dumb men are and you may have to forgive them sometimes…no, I don’t usually talk to some one, I write letters – like you sometimes do.  Name?  I don’t dare propose.  You know so much better.  Alan is a good American name and also Allah (god) with an “N”ding.  It is open, promising, all-inclusive, heart, mind spirit and enchanting body. Or Ellen or Helen or Ellaine if it happens to be the superior sex.

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