The Planner

From the newsletter, Sufis Speak.
…Inayat, the Scenario writer, gathered his mureeds and said, “We shall have prayers.”

Into the ring sprang Sirdar then, the most eager and alert among us, forged us into a team including his beautiful wife Saida, one of Holland’s greatest artists and authors, and all the English and American-born ones in whose veins the English language lived and breathed, and after any and every suggestion Inayat either nodded or gave his gentle suggestion until, voila, there were the prayers. In this game, even Inayat was just a channel. Back of this was his own teacher Seyed Madani, along with a heavenly host and in addition, how many birds? How many elephants? How many flies?

Sirdar was not the bad guy planner. I was not. Inayat was not, I think. There was a superplanner, there were shrewd intermediaries, through whom a planning team and game was forged and, so forged, meekly and sometimes proudly obeyed…

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