Space Research Letter

2 April 1980

Dr. John W. Gofman     Dr. Joe Kamiya     Dr. Russell Schweickart
Dr. Elmer Green         Dr. Edgar Mitchell     Swami Rama and his peers
Dr. Carolyn Huntoon     Dr. John H.G. Pierson

Dear Concerned:

From Dr. John H.G. Pierson, former Science and Economics Advisor to the United Nations, comes the first reaction to my circular letter of 3 March 1980.

Abbreviated: . “How would the added insight gained through space research on how minds might mature — be translated into improving minds in general, .and particularly minds occupying strategic places in our system?” .

This is exactly the question needed, the question I hoped would come.

Ignorance or immaturity is so pervasive, so dangerous just because so few recognize it, either in themselves or in others. When the astronauts looked down on earth from space, nauseated and uncomfortable in their weightless state, they saw the planet from afar, not very impressive, not a whole world, just part of it. Why could not the few people on this little planet get along and use available resources with sense and consideration? The two astronauts addressed above wrote extensively about their experience. So did others.

So far the very feat of reaching the moon and walking on it has impressed us. The astronauts looking down on Earth from space will become increasingly important to us. Before this happened, all our guides, in science, religion, whatever — looked proudly at their little concepts, nations, sects,cliques, ready to fight, with force if applicable — any other nation, sect, clique.

Limited groups in all nations have acquired sober thoughts, similar to the astronauts, but not yet the bulk of humanity. Won’t this sentiment reach all, in time? Perhaps, but it will be too late. We are presently galloping toward disaster. By researching further that look at our planet from space, we will hasten the process of maturity. By including among these ”lookers” one who has reached maturity without going into space, we will be able to translate this experience into processes reachable by all. A worth and cost-effectiveness of NASA understandable to all will have been achieved.

Thank you


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