28 March 1980
Dear M.,
I am so glad you went to India for it seems to have opened your eyes. You see the hypocracy or callousness that has dominated a nation on top of material wealth. As Uban says,”The American clergy in the Conference of Religion for peace so dominates the actions that an Indian has no say.” Because Americans have top plumbing, we think we also have top wisdom, top morals, in short: Tops. When, earlier, you wanted to enter the American clergy, I feared you would be too impressed with its concepts. Now, at least, you will know better, whatever you enter.
First-off, it looks to me that you should go back to India and work with General Uban, if he has a plan for you and it is economically feasible. So, write him, tell him your wish and your economic status and ask what he has in mind for you, the economic basis, where you would live and so on. You wrote me you were sick in India. Serious? Or just a fleeting stomach upset because of unaccustomed water — which can be set straight if you go?…..It may be that General Uban badly wants your services. You type well, string out very readable sentences, you are a great botanist, [sic:botanosit], planter, gardener, not to mention nurse, food preparer, and it would be nice finding you there when I arrive. He wanted me there too, whenever he says the time.

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