Invitiation to Visit

26 March 1980
Dear A.,
Would you and N. come south to San Francisco and see all of us?  I don’t mean that her identity should be made known — except of course as she may want.  Just the pleasure of seeing you and her.  Unfortunately I don’t have a big house where you could have sparate rooms and bath room.  I live in a small apartment as usual but there are plenty of sufi houses where you-both would be very welcome, or you could stay in one of our palatial hotels.  I will be going to Florida to see what progress in OTEC plants at Key West some time in April, to Washington DC June 2-5 and to Banff in Canada June 10-16-20, otherwise free until August I think or firmly believe.  Hidayat was just here, very interesting, inspiring and crazy (with made and cancelled appointments).
[small map drawn of area where he lives]

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