Love and Thank You

28 March 1980
Dear K.,
What exquisite “poetical prose” into which you have hidden — and revealed — your message.  Yes, I see how hard it is but never harder than your courage has agreed to be challenged…When you see a star that another doesn’t see, demand not that he see it too, but forget that star and come down to his station (or up) and give him what he demands — then later again you may bend him….for the sake of the child or children, and, come to think of it, for his sake too, and yours.
I would love-love-love to see you when you come down here, though from June 2-5 I am in Washington DC, June 10-16 in Banff, Canada and I do not know whether I shall be back here between 5 and 10 June.  Please come at a time when I will be here!
Love and thank you and love again,
Shamcher, Bryn (which is worst?)

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