Thank You Deeply for Tape

14 March 1980
Dear ___,
Thank you deeply for tape.  I played it to a gathering of friends and some rose to sublime heights of enjoyment and thrill and some suffered hysterics and commanded me to stop before I had finished.  Why?  What magic is involved?  Personally I cannot understand the pain and resistance that some felt.  Can you?  I felt nothing offensive, much of deep beauty.  I was particularly attracted to the unique interdependence of the accompaniment with the singing — and this was exactly what frightened or repelled the furious critics.  They said the accompaniment did not suit and was not harmonius with the singing and I thought that was just what it was — ingeniously, unconventionally suitable and harmonic.  I may add that those who criticised and who thought there was not harmony were people of great tradition in what we call classical music — Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Greig, Debussy, and that finnish composer — what’s his name again?  I would love to have your comment on this strange tale I have here reported.
I am sorry I cannot now respond with some more substantial remuneration for your noble effort.  You may send a tape to my friend [name and address] and tell her a tear-dripping story about all the hard work and deep sacrifice you had preparing this special tape exclusively for her at the request of Shamcher, so that she may know how to remunerate you (I know her well and she has some cabbage).  (But she is careful with her expenses and has to have appealing words to part with some).  Maybe she will also be interested in your whole project.  Who knows?  She doesn’t speak much French, if any.  But she has a world interest.
To you, all the little bit of love this universe has allowed me to contain and spend, love love love
Shamcher or Bryn or, really nothing 000 or agent X-5

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