Direct Response

Whenever I say the morning prayer (Through the rays of the sun, through the waves of the air…) sweet energy flows through my veins, nerves, a direct response from whatever some call God. Why should he uglify life by replying in rigid words? What are words anyway? Words are your own creation and may be inspired from God but are not his words. We live by and with structures. Everybody constructs rigid concepts. They want “GOD” to come down and be embedded in some of these stupid concepts. So he does not even burp. It is not a matter of “faith”. What is faith? Often stupid structures. People listen to a preacher then go home to try out his willy-nilly theories. Can you live without words? Nor reading or writing? Not even knowing how perhaps? I have met people who could neither read nor write, in any language, yet knew God. Can you not know him if you can read or write? Of course, though not through that reading or writing. That would be unfair, to illiterates at least. “True wisdom is not found in any book” say the Chinese — then flood us with books, about I Chi, Acupuncture, Buddhism, Confucious, Lao Tze.

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