Feeling Lost? You Don’t Exist

(From correspondence)

You know your feeling of being lost, of no longer knowing yourself is just a sign of welcome development. For actually, you don’t exist. The prevalent idea that each person is a separate unit, a so-and-so, different and separated from anyone else is just an illusion. All minds are connected with the Universal Mind and and interconnected, and when you begin to realize this it is at first confusing. “Who am I? Where am I?” You are in everybody. That’s why many want to belong to a good friend or teacher at this time, for it is easier to see the connection with such a being than with anybody. And it is a safer way. But congratulate yourself that you don’t quite “find” yourself now. Who do you think I am? Nobody and everybody. But is this good? Yes, excellent, and besides: it is true. Truth is better than falsehood, even though falsehoods are sometimes comfortable to some…for a while at least.
I have no ambition of being “somebody” anymore. I enjoy being a hammock swinging with the punches, with the neighboring minds. The more ardent you keep at it, the better and greater are the minds you contact and swing with. You may even become impressed, and fascinated.

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3 responses to “Feeling Lost? You Don’t Exist

  1. Daniela

    The feeling of not existing feels like I am going to die. I am a 55 year old woman, out of a relationship for the first time in my life, and realising that I have always stayed in one in order to avoid this very frightening feeling. I dont’ quite know where to go from here. Am trying to meditate, but fear I am gravitating towards the person I have left in order to aleviate this feeling.

  2. Yes this sounds like a great transition time for you. Practices with breath can help with this, as well as affirmations. Lots of good advice here in the Shamcher Archive, but also the works of his teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan give a comprehensive worldview that is a deep and ongoing teaching. You can see much of it here at Wahiduddin’s site: http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/index.htm
    Another great book is Joan Boryshenko’s Pocketful of Miracles.
    Hang on, remember the big picture.

  3. One thing that I have learned is that it is in the most devastatingly painful and disorienting times I find the greatest potential for growth. The problem is that living here on earth encourages us to identify with a “self” that is not a self at all, but an illusion. I remember Shamcher once saying to me, “don’t even think about the ego! It is a phantom dreamed up in a nightmare.” And the problem is that it feels like you! What I am finding, more and more, is that as I turn loose of each illusion, there is that moment of “free-fall”….but ultimately, I feel more connected than ever, more loved than ever. If you want to take advantage of this particular opportunity, perhaps you might find someone to connect with–a teacher, or even a very, very good friend–so that you can feel safe while you go through it, as Shamcher suggests.

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