Predictions and Channelling

From correspondence:

I was also a bit sad that sufis came to you for channeling, since sufis, if anything, are supposed to be in touch with the best sources and do all channeling themselves.


There is no criticism from my part in anything you do, not even accepting money for services. There is a need for exchange of money after a session and in most cases you need it more than your communicators (clients) and if not, I am sure you would reverse the process. For me, because of my special conditions, other systems prevail. I do not try to impose my systems on others.


But this our present civilisation (above all) has to learn: you make your future, you don’t “predict” it. By trying to “predict it” you nail your victim to his useless past. You make him RIGID. Our economists (80% of them), doctors, psychiatrists, politicians — all do this terrible disservice. Also the prophesying “mystics”.

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