On the Sufi Path

(from various correspondence)

And tell me what you thought it all would be, and how we became so different, so confusing to you, so upsetting. Is it because you expected to reach a firm concept, know it all, and found you know less and less? But that is excellent, the exactly right direction. All “knowledge” will drop from your mind like useless toys, and you will begin to see – but not with your mind though.

Sufis are average people. Putting on the sufi label does not make them (us) angels, does not even change us immediately. Just a longing, a hope that we add to life to make it richer.

Only when you look sternly at “leaders” do you see division, and you see division among others who also look sternly and expectantly at “leaders”. But “leaders” are not leaders in that sense. Before you have learned dependance on yourself alone and on whoever you find who represents unity, whether they are “leaders” or floor-sweepers, you can find no “unity”.

What could I have done for you? I am not a teacher. Wonder if any one is.

God never punishes, but some souls punish themselves. So unnecessary. Masochism. They even try to “punish” others.

Cheer up. “Oh Lord, liberate me from all the obscuring veils, allurements and chains of attachment” This the cry of the seeker after truth.

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One response to “On the Sufi Path

  1. Well said, Brother 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

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