On Teachers

In the sufi line, in the message line, you do not have to look up to any single person anywhere. But you can suffer and love and sympathize with all without rancor. Yes, you may even give your humble advice whether you are asked to or not, as I have done to all – all.

Also, there is no sin that is more forgiveable than fiddling with other teachers. For it is all in the process of the eagerness to learn. A mistake in the way of giving way to anger, passion, greed, — all those are so much worse.

Everybody today worships concepts. But concepts are not holy or sacred. They can be suffered, ignored, laughed at and changed. The spirit, the message is beyond concepts, beyond logic, beyond any words. So what is there to worry about? You have only ONE teacher: Hidden inside your own heart.

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2 responses to “On Teachers

  1. Ahsan Azim

    Is there a Sufi Order in Edmonton?

  2. Carol

    Yes there are representatives from the Sufi Order in Edmonton, as well as the Ruhaniat and also the Sufi Movement – all these are connected to the family of western sufis through Pir-0-Murshid Inayat Khan. In most cities in Canada there are sufis (lower case) or Sufis (upper case) who meet regularly, and meditate and practice together. I was involved in the early days of the sufis in Edmonton, when I was corresponding with Shamcher, and it was some of the happiest time in my life. If you can find the sufis, do so, for there is a great meaning in sharing together with those who are on the path.

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