It’s Not Enough to Sit There

Should we talk about it at all? Or should we keep meditating upon the light? One sufi, the same Sam Lewis, said, “In order to be a masterful sufi, in order to become really a light, you have to go into the darkness and fight the darkness.” Its not enough to sit there and meditate upon the light and do all these things. Well, if you are concerned mainly with yourself and your progress, that’s all you can do. but if you understand the reality of the whole flowing universe, you are not satisfied with helping yourself, you must bring everybody with you. As it is said in the Buddhist scripture, before the Buddha can go up to heaven he had to have the whole humanity with him. Well this is sufism essentially. It has been expressed as a difference between sufism and yoga. That isn’t quite true anymore because the better yogis also have this view, you must have the whole humanity with you.

So a real yogi or a real sufi isn’t the least bit interested in doing phenomenal things. He is interested in bringing humanity forward – by delving into dirty economics, war-mongering, energy, food supplies.

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One thought on “It’s Not Enough to Sit There

  1. We push up against the world, and try to do the right thing. Is accepting things we know are wrong helping anyone. If we allow injustice and unfairness are we helping those that are instigating these? Is not responding and standing up against these injustices helping those that are instigating them, are we not helping by pushing up against them. Are we not trying to help them, maybe they help us? Sometimes this is the status quo we push up against, do we help humanity by pushing up against and discussing things by questioning? I think improved economics, homelessness, justice, etc are all part of the movement that needs to happen to bring everyone along.

    What about hiearchies, if you are up there and everyone else is below is this bringing everyone with you? How do we know you are up there? There is a tibetian folk tale/book The Lama Knows, by Robert B. Ekvall it is about a individual identified as a high lama and not being so. The real lama then becomes identified as the normal human being. It is a camp fire story and the joke is maybe you are the lama that is not know. But of course only the lama knows. How do we know where we are? We do know as Shamcher indicates that we must bring everyone with us, that means a rising of humanity and the devolving of hiearchy. As for me I know where I stand, tonight my son stated dad if you could just be clear on what you are trying to say it would really be helpful. Others agree, yes I do not know.

    But I cannot help trying to progress and bring everyone along with us.



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