Nuclear Power is not an Option

Waste products, as they say, will not kill these people who sit in powerful postions today. They will not be killed, perhaps not even hurt. Their children, and your children and my children and the children’s children – they will not only be hurt they will be dying, but slowly, very very painfully. Nauseatingly. That is what nuclear plants do, and that is why it is one of the greatest crimes in the history of mankind that we permit one more nuclear plant to be built. And that has to be realized.


We have never had appreciation of nuclear technology – it is immature technology altogether. I am to blame myself, because I didn’t know that when I went to Tunisia as head of the United Nations mission in 1963. I knew about OTEC, I had worked with it and seen no result. And we needed plants for power production and desalted water in Tunisia. And since nobody wanted to build OTEC and there was no firm that offered to build it, I proposed, I admit, a nuclear plant, I didn’t know any better. It was after that that we began to realize how completely immature this technology is, how completely uninvestigated are the treatment of nuclear waste and the treatment of a plant who has run its life and is ready to be shut down. There is no way to shut it down. You can cover it with layers and layers of concrete – it doesn’t matter, the radiation will go through it.

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