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My novel is not yet selling well, but often sales pick up after 2-3 years. One never knows those things. The book about employment will be publicized chapter by chapter by the interesting New York magazine FIELDS WITHIN FIELDS, published by Julius Stulman, a friend of Dr. Pierson and of Dr. Jule Eisenbud, retired professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, now living in Denver, who wrote me a beautiful letter about my full employment book and also my environment manuscript, saying that he “hoped to reach your wide, freewheeling manner of thinking…if I can rid myself of my educational, built-in programmed aberrations.”
From above you will see I have written an environmental book, including body and mind and feelings, not an unimportant part of the environment. Then I have written about a plot to kidnap Hitler during World War II, of which I was a part. We would just have given him a nice garden to stay in while, with more than half of the German nation, we would have built a reasonable world. In 1944, a year before the war actually finished. The English and Europeans were all for it. Roosevelt balked.

You’d be horrified, the language (translated into ditch-digger style. It is time the ditch diggers have this info) and deliberately “wild-flowing”. Then, among your strange group, there may be some one who likes it and wants to try other London Publishers. If you should happen to like it and want to try, best of all.
But only if you wish. Some of my best friends I have lost because they cannot say simply yes or no but go on their high horse and tell all about how the book should be written. But not two people agree on that and there is not one single competent judge in the whole wide world. All a person should say about a book is “My reaction is….” but never “It must be worked on, this is just a draft, the language is outrageous, you can’t write…”
Who can? You can only write for those who respond. Ernest Hemingway is “the most admired American writer” and just rot to me, while authors who are never published, whose works I am privileged to see, enthrall me.
So please, first tell whether you want to see book after Routledge has looked at if (if they don’t publish), then make another choice when you’ve seen it. Any comment is allowed and welcome if you admit it is just your own silly impression or opinion. I have 8 other scripts floating around.

This book grew out of the joyful VOID. The people attending its birth are processes or ‘wives’, not ‘persons’. They have all kinds of degrees and honors, not for proving their worth but for comforting the unsure readers, and for amusing the sure, mature ones. Some examples of the female and male midwives are shown.

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