Every Willing Hand

14 March 1980
Dear G.,
New York may just have forgotten that they just published Every Willing Hand. I guess it is better you write them than I, and, if you like, express a willingness to handle Every Willing Hand – though you may refrain when you see it – no “please” at all but a fighting mad author who warned HU: “You may be sued by all the people whose letter I quote without permission”. “No trouble” replied Shahabuddin “They can take our old press. That’s all we got, and good riddance.”
Tell NY you are the first who ever handed me a check – and on what? On some 8 and two-year old stuff: A State of Almost and Fairy Tales are True. From none of the other books I published, though they were best sellers some of them, I never received a cent and I was too uninterested in money to ever ask or bother them. And now A. sends me a whole 18 dollars and even more. Greet her with my very best and special thanks.

Yes, I am coming to OMEGA, was just phoned about today. That I am not so far on the list does not matter: They wish to keep the biggest surprises top (or bottom) secrets!!!… Yes, Inayat Khan told Pir Vilayat to keep the hierarchy – and he told others some other equally interesting things with apparent contrasting content. So is every sane message. And the personality to whom the message is given is intricately and helplessly woven into that message, which is for the person receiving it -and for nobody else. What anybody else has to do is ask for their own specific message and – not to accept for them a message given to another. The beautiful sanity. No, Pir Vilayat does not need to ask me or anybody else about IRAN, but in that area we are working very much in tandem, without consultation….in the Buddhist tradition fourteen sects advance fourteen different and contradictory systems – all of them approved by the Buddha, in addition what he gives openly or secretly to fifteen thousand other friends outside the fourteen. War, yes, we’ll try to steer away from it – just try …
My more, infinitely humbler greetings….Shamcher, Bryn, etc.

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