Join Forces to Maintain and Heal the Earth

From correspondence

All who can sense the fragile structure of our Mother Earth know that disturbances in the Earth structure are closely related to the passions, sentiments and desires and predictions of her sons and daughters — us. In Washington State a friend was warning me to get off the pad where I stayed because of a disaster she predicted. This was easy. She was one person, not as mighty as myself. It was no trouble bucking her. Now she has learned, and does no longer “predict”. But the California disaster-predictors, though individually weak, are so numerous that we have a whale of a time bucking their stunts.
I recall with great pleasure Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan join forces with Norwegian troll at a summer school in Suresnes in 1925, telling us how our own sentiments influenced earthquakes and other violent incidents in Earth’s behavior. Isn’t it time we all join forces in maintaining and healing rather than breaking down?

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