Spirit World

From correspondence:

The trouble with the mediums, psychics and fortune tellers and the Uri Gellers is not that they talk about “spirits” and “invisible beings” but that they talk about these things wrongly, stupidly, ignorantly and most often proudly. Almost all mediums and psychics are in touch with the most “illiterate” and stupid spirits. There is more cheating and nonsense in the “spirit world” than in this to all of visible world. Uri Geller likes to play with spoons and watches. Most mediums play with sick and dangerous spirits and spirit criminals.

Most of the old taoists, yogis and sufis had structures of the mind to lean on like most people now. A few, very few of the taoists, yogis and sufis on the other hand were living in several worlds at the same time. They saw and could discriminate between beings in the spirit world just like you two can see and discriminate between people you know. And some of us do so, more or less clearly, even today.

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2 responses to “Spirit World

  1. This is so very true. People think because these beings are spirits they must all be “nice.” It is simply not true. In the spirit plains what you see is not what you get. It is all to easy for them to disguise their true nature, we see what we allow ourselves to see.

    There are many “dishonest” spirits…

  2. Shamcher often talked about that other world which is invisible to this one, and he mentioned that it is even more confusing than this one, but it is one we needn’t be afraid of. You are so right that the nature of a being is disguised in the spirit world, but isn’t it also true of this world as well? Here the nature of a being or an object or anyting is also disguised, and there are hidden truths, which are uncovered by insight or by intention or even by “accident”.

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