From various correspondence:

It seems to me that you, like myself, are diffident, non-elective about life or “death” and that you are extremely well-suited to take care of the choice yourself, without any interfering or “healing” from any one except the unseen agencies always at your site or side. As for myself, always ready to go, it seems I have to defer, to renounce any personal wish and let agencies more conversant with the development of the world (Energy, economics, these being vital expressions of humanity’s spiritual state) — make the decisions for me.
There is complete agreement between us that a person who has parted from this life should not be disturbed by any effort to “contact” him, specially not through “mediums”.
Here in the West we get often rather rigid when we “take over” eastern traditions, such as Karma and Reincarnation. These are not one but many many many theories, but some see and don’t need theories, and if oneself does not see clearly enough, companionship with one who does may help.
Your childish faith in a distant God outside yourself had been shattered, and good riddance! God is in us and we are god, but not always our thoughts and feelings. Beyond our thoughts (which should be controlled) is the soul, and most people don’t yet know their soul. When you do, life and death are just two phases of the same real life — the life of the soul.
And you can follow your friends after they die and know where they go, what they experience. When my mother died, she was not very clear and I thought: Good for her to go. Soon afterwards she contacted me (not I her) and told me all about how unclear she had been and now everything was all right. When I died in 1965, after my accident, I was with my father and mother and all my departed friends as if we had ever been together though before that time I didn’t know.

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