Memory As A Balancer

From An Interview with Shamcher Bryn Beorse
J=Jelaluddin Boru, S=Shamcher

J: In a recent issue of The Message, Pir [Vilayat] talks about carrying a sense of memory from moment to moment. It seems that balance is like this. Rather than having one’s interest burn up like a flame, and then losing all the impressions and lessons learned in the particular point of attention. Would you say that an essential part of balance is continuity…?
S: Right. On your path you should try to remember at least this life. And maybe more than that, all the way from the beginning. That’s why l touched on the unbalance I had when I was younger, when I had to go on those mountain trips etc. I don’t need that any longer, maybe because now the hills are so darn steep (hmmmn, is it because I don’t need it, or the combination of these two things together?). But it is true, one should try one’s best to remember all the lessons, and then it is easier to be in communication with all ages.

J: Perhaps it is best to say that there is no balance greater than the awareness that you are one with God, and once you realize this, no matter what happens, there is a sense of Beauty and Divinity in you…
S: Yes. That’s very, very true, I couldn’t improve upon it.

J: I think you said it.
S: Yes…?


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