From An Interview with Shamcher Bryn Beorse

J=Jelaluddin Boru, S=Shamcher

J : Could you give us an example of someone being too attached to fruits?
S: Yes. l have a friend who is an economist. I consider him the finest economist in the United States. He is also a zen man, and interested in Sufism and Yoga.
One day he comes to me and says, “Bryn, I don’t think I will continue any longer.” I don’t give him any response. “Yes,” he says, “I have articles running in the Economic journal, and I have written three books, but nobody listens… Nobody does what I ask…I think I’ll give up.”
Why do you want to give up, I say. Look how hard I have worked all my life. And yet the only thing that I can do is to continue with what believe in for the rest of my life, and the less people who listen the intensely must I work.”
So he says: “But Bryn, you are one in a million, no I mean one in a billion…” But anyway he realized that he had made a mistake by saying that he was going to give up.

J: We have spoken a great deal about attachments. Would you say that even if people cannot dissolve their attachments, they would become much better off if they could simply make them more gentle?
S: I think so, yes, definitely. Too often the trouble is that we want a sudden change into something impossible, we want a pedestal, so that is true. We can develop right here and now, if not perfectly, at least gradually.
J: We spoke of disease. Would you say that a person can cure himself?
S: In the first place, whatever name you put on a disease is laughable. People say, “Oh, cancer. That can’t be cured…” Who knows what cancer means? And who knows that that can’t be cured? Everything can be and has been completely cured at different times. And any disease that you can name has been completely cured by some people. The reason that there is so little of it now is that there is so little faith in these things…
There is a sort of faith in medical science, and of course some of the doctors in this field are the finest people in the world. And of them the very finest admit that they cannot answer questions like this, because they only know one dimension of healing and that is not entirely natural.
I know of one of these men, a Dr. Simonton, who has taken on any cancer patient who is given up by regular doctors, and then he makes them develop their thought power–their heart and thought power combined–and then really look at themselves. A phenomenally high percentage have been cured… He has even described cases in which a cancerous growth has diminished in a week or a month into nothing.
Or there is the story of the yogi in India who had his hand cut off by the police who thought he was a criminal. And then the policeman said, “Oh, I’m sorry, you’re not the right person…!” But the yogi told him not to worry about it, held the arm back in place for awhile, sitting there, and in half an hour there wasn’t a sign.
This is the ability the human body has in it. And we have not been utilizing it–though it is perhaps not so bad. Humanity has gone into an anti-spiritual development for awhile to find the “facts” of life, and now, gradually, we are returning to that more keen understanding of what life is all about, and the amazing things that our bodies can do.

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