From An Interview with Shamcher Bryn Beorse

J=Jelaluddin Boru, S=Shamcher

J: Have you heard of David Spangler?
S: I read a recent article by him in The Message, and I thought that was pretty good.

J: Do you know that he claims to have direct contact with beings, or a being, that is trying to bring about the “new age” on this planet?
S: So many people these days claim to have direct contact. As soon as you try to express the contact, everything becomes tilted with one’s own stupid personality. So, for instance, 50,000 initiates claim to have contact with lnayat Khan. This is true, but because everyone is different everyone interprets what they feel a little differently. They are entitled to this, but not to go around and say ‘I have the contact’, as if it were the only one… Which is not to say anything against David Spangler. If he said this it was probably as a sort of approximate statement. Nobody correctly represents another being, whether in another world or even here. Like when someone comes and says he is representing President Carter, he is lying if he says that he is speaking on the president’s behalf. He may not know he is lying when he does this, but it is so nevertheless. How can he represent him when he can’t react the same way that Carter would?
It is the same way with spiritual beings…
Another example of this was Edgar Cayce. who also thought he had direct contact. He had to go into trance, and then he transferred something, yes, he transferred beautiful messages from the other side and maybe the fact that he was in a trance kept out some of the tilting towards personality that usually goes on, so parts of them were accurate. However, he made all kinds of predictions also about things of which he had no idea, and which were completely false. This is the trouble with people who “channel.” They forget that their inspiration is always colored by their own particular experience and tilted to their own ideas.

J: Do you think that some mediums are better than others though?
S: Yes, and I’ve spoken about Eileen Garrett. The most famous are not the best.

J: How about Jane Roberts who wrote “Seth Speaks”.
S: Oh no, that’s very tilted.

J: But what was it she was hearing? Didn’t things come through her?
S: Of course they came through her, and through her picked up all kinds of mistakes and idiosyncrasies.

J: It seems to me that what you are saying is that the only way to keep your balance and also be in touch with the other side is to do it in silent meditation, for as soon as you try and articulate it, it is interfered with.
S: True.

J: ls this because in that particularly beautiful kind of silence there is no voice there attaching importance. Like your ego is there saying: ‘Well, what benefit can I get out of this?”
S: Yes, yes.
J: What do you mean by co-creation?
S: Simply, when a friend of mine works on a solar device and I work on OTEC. On a deeper level, when the same ideas are being worked on by Trimble, Heronomus and myself simultaneously. God doesn’t make anything directly, he does it through people: that’s co-creation.

J: The future is fluid…
S: Yes, that’s right.

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