To SAM: OTEC, and Vilayat

May 1963 (?)

My dear Sam,

Thank you for letter. Salt water conversion in desert interiors have not yet been solved satisfactorily — meaning not cheap enough. Even at the Sea Coast feasibility depends on certain natural conditions — temperature difference between surface and deep water — and slope of bottom.

It is a sad reflection on the human race that, rather than undertaking these simple measurements to determine whether in each case cheap water can be had from the sea –we go into expensive and temporary projects.

I have written to Vilayat about your great spiritual knowledge and achievements and commented upon your built-in defence against over-popularity, thus against waste of time receiving delegations and fans. You appear egotistical or superficial — and a worthy percentage stays away. You don’tcare. Those who go by the book will then not bother you.
Very nice.

How sad about Aramdarya,


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