To SAM: Sufi Organization

(Judith Hollister’s a “housewife?” Ha, she is the most sophisticated Madison Avenue expert and more than any of them! The sufis weren’t so trained. You, the oldest cherag (you are older than 1922, when another was init?) are the first to be blamed for not doing, then l. And Hollister temple does not even begin to look like lnayat’s plan, but it is much much better than nothing. All mureeds worked as hard as they could for the temple. When they did not succeed it was, first, your fault, next my fault.)

(You, Sam, are one of the most honest persons I know. Honesty is sufism. Whatever we seem to disagree on does not matter. Our discussions sharpen our wits.)

5 Nov 1966

My dear Pir-O-Murshid Sam,

Your recent letters indicate a blessed wish to serve the Hazrat Inayat’s movement and mureeds and I would very much like you to become — and will do what little I can to that effect — the National Representative for the Musharaff Khan group. I then could work with you, send all who wanted a personal living teacher to you, and together we could wed the two groups into one, as it should be.

If you wish I will write to Musharaff about this, except that he would probably act against any advice of mine. When he came here this spring he had great hopes from me, that I would join him and thus move Vilayat to join him. I said I had never left, neither had Vilayat but Vilayat’s views and position were due the same respect as his. This silenced him. I probably have no good with him any more. But if you would look up Munira Nawn in New York and her blessing (she is presently Musharaff’s National representative and dying) that may help. Nobody seems to know where Munira stays now — an institution of some kind. Please ask Sitara, at 318 SW 102 Str. Seattle. Or go to Musharaff in person or write him. I will write too if you wish. You might thus prevent those idiots from appointing Rosenberg, who may be ripe for it after 30 years of training. You may of course try Vilayat’s group. I have written Vilayat six months ago proposing that I be retired to give room for a younger soul (I was 70 then). He does not seem to wish to change, I was named Nat Rep without my knowledge, answered that I was not well suited but would stay until he found some better. You know I knew Vilayat since he was 10 , in 1925 and wrote Ali Khan in 1955 about Vilayat’s right to succession. Ali answered insolently so I went right to Geneva and told his to his face what he should have known. “I must be firm as a rock” answered Ali. “A rock does not spit” replied I. With such effort Vilayat’s wish to see me represent him in the USA was natural. But we have different, though similar views on hierarchy. He has not written me for years. We correspond more directly. I am angry with him for assuming that also others so correspond. He should write to others. He doesn’t.

Blessed are you that you are willing to take the yoke. I need your teaching too, but cannot see my way to go until something turns up.


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