From a Historian of the Dunes

Norm Hammond, Historian of the Oceano Dunes, and author of “The Dunites” among other publications, sent the following reference to the archives:

BRYNJOLF BJORSET: (Bryn Bjorset, Bryn Beorse, Shamcher Beorse)

Bjorset, Brynjolf. Distribute or Destroy! A Survey of the World’s Glut of Goods with a Description of Various Proposals and Practical Experiments for its Distribution. (translated from Norwegian) Stanley Nott Ltd, London, 1936. Hardbound with blue cloth; 188 pp. The handwritten name inside the front cover identifies it as belonging to “Archie H. Mitchell, Rm 609 – House of Commons”.

From, THE POUGHKEEPSIE EAGLE NEWS, page seven. November 28, 1940.

PEACE- Just arrived from Oslo is Brynjolf Bjorset, Norwegian civil engineer, reserve officer and writer, who fought in Norway; didn’t surrender as a good boy when the others did. He crossed Hitler’s lines five times with four British officers, and with a secret report escaped to Sweden.

When on his way to the U.S. he was recaptured in the Arctic Ocean and fell into the hands of the Gestapo. They put him through the mill of trial and questioning, his adventures making him liable to the death sentence at that time. But knowing the German trend of mind from long experience in world traveling, he intrigued his questioners into heated arguments and outbursts of humor- and how he loves New York!

“I can’t really explain why I was let out,” says Mr. Bjorset. “I could give many explanations, but I am not really sure which of them is correct. One thing I discussed very ardently with my German questioners was the problem of peace. The start was Hitler’s talk of July 20—the day I was captured. “This peace proposal has no conditions in it,” I said. “What do you think Hitler really wants? Because I think a peace feeler now is very sensible. The war has come to a deadlock. Neither England nor Germany can win a quick definite victory…”
“What are you telling us? they roared, hotly, and the argument was on. When in September it had been proved that I was pretty much right they were more friendly. I even got my visa to leave the country, and finally was let out in October. I have a strong feeling that the Germans are dead tired of this killing business they have been carrying on and that they are yearning for friendship and understanding again. Maybe they don’t dare to ask for it!”