The Mystic Sciences

From An Interview with Shamcher Bryn Beorse

J=Jelaluddin Boru, S=Shamcher

J: When I heard you speak on the “mystic sciences”, the I Ching, tarot, astrology, etc. up in Toronto this spring, it kept striking me that you were saying something on a deeper level than that they simply don’t have any value. That they could be aids to developing our insight, but the hold of their attraction over us is such that they have degenerated into something much less than they had been intended to be…
S: Yes. Someone once asked Inayat: “Shouldn’t we sufis get our charts read?” And he answered: “Where are the astrologers?”
That is the whole point.
Swami Yukteswar, Yogananda’s teacher, once wrote a book called the “holy science” that said that Indian astrology, on which is based Western astrology, is about 400,000 years wrong because of a mistake made many, many years ago.
The whole idea of zodiacs, twelve zodiacs–why twelve and not a million?

J: I had this explained to me once that the twelve zodiacs correspond to the six chakras below the crown. That there is a masculine and feminine side to each, and the zodiac was an external correspondence to the pathway of our Kundalini energy…
S: That sounds very good. But some say we have six chakras, some twelve, some three, some four… They are all constructs of the mind, descriptions. Why believe someone else’s descriptions? It is better to wait with a judgment until one has gone very deeply into oneself and seen these things. Then, if you see six chakras, of course for you there are six chakras, and if you see three then of course for you there are three… It is different for each person.

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