From An Interview with Shamcher Bryn Beorse

J=Jelaluddin, S=Shamcher

J: People could perhaps misunderstand darshan as an obsession.
S: Darshan is communication between two beings, and shouldn’t be thought of as anything else. I have described to you how Inayat Khan used the darshan, how you and he would suddenly open your eyes and look into each other… Some people got no feeling from such darshans and others felt their lives had been changed, that they had experienced a part of his mind and gotten from it just what they wanted, and were very happy because of it.

J: Perhaps the difference we could say was that such darshan is real with living beings, and there was no intrusion from the outside, that Inayat Khan was in a sense merely carrying out his role as a teacher and reflecting back to his pupils deeper sides of themselves that they were perhaps even aware of…

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