Psychiatry and Choices

From correspondence:

All so-called “psychiatry” today fails utterly here, “judges” people by superficial observations of surface phenomenae, at one moment in time. No contact with the LIFE that determines and always changes the physical “facts”.
A choice made is never wrong. It was made on the basis of a thousand strings reaching back unto eternity. But people worry and wring their hands “Oh, did I do wrong?” They never did wrong but are worried all the rest of their life because nobody told them this simple fact. From all our experiences, all our choices, we learn exactly what we had to learn. And that is what life is all about.

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Join Forces to Maintain and Heal the Earth

From correspondence

All who can sense the fragile structure of our Mother Earth know that disturbances in the Earth structure are closely related to the passions, sentiments and desires and predictions of her sons and daughters — us. In Washington State a friend was warning me to get off the pad where I stayed because of a disaster she predicted. This was easy. She was one person, not as mighty as myself. It was no trouble bucking her. Now she has learned, and does no longer “predict”. But the California disaster-predictors, though individually weak, are so numerous that we have a whale of a time bucking their stunts.
I recall with great pleasure Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan join forces with Norwegian troll at a summer school in Suresnes in 1925, telling us how our own sentiments influenced earthquakes and other violent incidents in Earth’s behavior. Isn’t it time we all join forces in maintaining and healing rather than breaking down?

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On the Sufi Path

(from various correspondence)

And tell me what you thought it all would be, and how we became so different, so confusing to you, so upsetting. Is it because you expected to reach a firm concept, know it all, and found you know less and less? But that is excellent, the exactly right direction. All “knowledge” will drop from your mind like useless toys, and you will begin to see – but not with your mind though.

Sufis are average people. Putting on the sufi label does not make them (us) angels, does not even change us immediately. Just a longing, a hope that we add to life to make it richer.

Only when you look sternly at “leaders” do you see division, and you see division among others who also look sternly and expectantly at “leaders”. But “leaders” are not leaders in that sense. Before you have learned dependance on yourself alone and on whoever you find who represents unity, whether they are “leaders” or floor-sweepers, you can find no “unity”.

What could I have done for you? I am not a teacher. Wonder if any one is.

God never punishes, but some souls punish themselves. So unnecessary. Masochism. They even try to “punish” others.

Cheer up. “Oh Lord, liberate me from all the obscuring veils, allurements and chains of attachment” This the cry of the seeker after truth.

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I Accept Nothing That Isn’t Already in Me

I am the bad boy of the Sufi effort to some, and the good boy to others, because I accept nothing that isn’t already in me. I see that stagewise gradual development through an accepted “teacher” can be all right for some cases, and also can lead the aspirant to stand pat and never go forward or even backward. Anyway, it is not MY way, neither as a “pupil” or a “teacher”. The only thing I can do is to live and act myself all the time, and those who like it, fine, and those who don’t, equally fine. For who am I (or anyone else??) to judge whether a seeker shall have only a nickel or a whole dollar or all of yourself? The least you can give is all of yourself, at once and forever. And he or she who feels like a pupil today, why should he (she) not switch to a teacher, away from his once-upon-a-time teacher the next second? Indeed, he ought to.

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From correspondence:

As to women, I not only see that their feelings are shifting and that you can never trust constancy, but I see this in myself too. I meet women I think I cannot live without, and mostly I have to live completely without them, but in the rare case where you are admitted to her court yard, and you know her better, you find that you yourself has changed — to nothing or to a new mate. And sometimes you feel that you have a thousand, all at the same time, and it makes you dizzy. But by the right words you may keep them devoted, constant, and at a relatively safe distance.

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From the newsletter, Sufis Speak

The age old search for truth has so far been out-shouted and often  drowned by the more aggressive demand for obedience, conformity, to established creeds or concepts. The Sufi Order and its church-like organ, the Universal Worship, claim TRUTH as its goal and substance — not a “truth” that someone is going to tell you about, but the truth that each one can seek and find, honestly. This, claims the Sufi, is the right and duty of this present age, as contrasted to earlier periods where the majority of humanity did not and could not have such a demanding goal. Various virtues, such as purity, loyalty, compassion, were stressed, and these virtues were good and proper but failed to fully develop under the reign of dishonesty that prevailed.

A devoted people, portrayed in the Sunday funnies, believed a “sacred tree” contained manuscripts and treasures proving the greatness of their people. The King, goaded by his curious woman, chops down the tree and finds it empty. The King has broken the spirit of the people and must die.

Upon exactly such illusions have we lived. We talk about HISTORY. What is history? Concepts of historians, shared by the believers. One day we may discover what, if anything, was ‘true’ of the traditions. This effort is already being made, but we are happy to jump to conclusions long before there are any. Our most wi de-spread national magazine recently wrote, referring to the Dead Sea Scrolls, “Luckily, these documents do not rock our Faith”. Would it have been bad if the documents had revealed that we had been wrong and would have to change our faith, in the light of truth? Actually, they did. And some are changing their “faith” for the better.

The light of truth shines, not only upon religion, or politics, or science, but upon the simple relationship between two or more humans or between man and animal or man and plant. All day long you meet people who tell you with all firmness that friend Bill or Mary are stubborn, stingy, unreasonable, forgetting altogether that they know nothing, absolutely nothing, about Bill or Mary, except that they are living expressions of the eternal Creator and just now expressing exactly what that living Creator wants them to express at just this moment. They will change tomorrow and even in the next second.

One sufi, Inayat Khan said, “Whatever any man or woman does or says to me, I see it as God doing or saying, and whatever I say or do to them, I know I do or say it to God.”

In such a concept there is no room for judgment. A sufi does not judge. Or I must correct myself: Some who call themselves Sufis do judge. Recently a man who called himself a Sufi tore up a robe he was wearing in the service of a Universal Worship, flung it on the altar in a furious resentment over what another, who called himself a sufi, had done. This other sufi had not killed anyone, had not called names. He had loved. Some would say loved too much or loved the wrong one. What made them think they knew, and could judge another man or woman? What do we know of love, even “our own” love?

We know this much, that in the organization of any present state, or nation, there is a frightening starvation of the creative force of love. Young men and women kill themselves daily and hourly to fit into the traditional  patterns. Their longing to serve and build the nation into which they were born is frustrated by a thousand bonds and rules. Their longing to create, in turn, new generations are slapped down, by pills, regulations and abortions, instituted by people who have not even tried to see and observe the pulsation of LIFE seeking always new expression.

Some have managed to emancipate themselves to some measure from the choking influence of established traditions. For example, in communities that are more or less self-sustaining, with their own economics, supply, income, outlay, the members can choose their own l life form. In many such communities there are no pills, no abortions, LIFE is honored, tended, loved, cared for and developed in harmony. Why, say some critics, what about the population explosion?

Another sorry superstition. There are areas in the world where sober limitation of life expressions would be an advantage in cooperation with other, more important efforts. Here in the United States there are vast wastelands that could be cultivated, and inhabited. Our problem is not overpopulation but under-achievement. One prominent food resources scientist, presidential advisor Karl Brandt even goes as far as saying, “Wish I could write a book, this underpopulated world of ours. Many underdeveloped countries need more, not less people to develop a proper agriculture as basis for industry…”

What is lacking is feel for the entire dynamic humanity. Those who have that feel know a thousand ways to feed and house and care for those living now and those who would come, but stilted, twisted theories firmly holding both learned and unlearned minds in captivity prevent the seers from being heard.

The sufis, or some sufis, are not alone in seeking truth. The yogis, nearest cousins to the sufis, have tried through generations. For fifty years, at least, yogis have crisscrossed the United States but the basic concept of truth was so foreign to the majority here that all they got out of the term Yoga was some exercises and what they called, but do not grasp, “transcendental meditation”. The purpose of all the exercises and all the meditations was to foster that concept of truth that permits suspension of judgment, that permits another man or woman to act his, her way without criticism, judgment, demands.

For each single individual is a precious and quite unique creature and messenger from the Creator, who longs for us to realize this.

You Don’t Need any “Teacher”

From Correspondence

15 January 1980
As Abdul Aziz Said says “A person on the path is never lost” and neither are you. It is sweet that you are anxious and in doubt but in reality you are ahead of most and on the path and you certainly don’t need any “teacher”. Nobody really does any longer, except for learning shoemaking or driving an auto.

When a person is full of self and pride, he may benefit from one nobler and wiser for a guide but when he/she has abandoned the silly belief of a separate self and realises that there is only one single being he needs no more teachers. Millions of benevolent wise beings press on him and enter his being, advise and guide him and any outside “teacher” would be a gross imposition.

You still have friends of course, but none of these must impose himself as a “superior”???teacher. Then it is all lost. Be delighted to see you any time, as a friend, nothing else. Inayat Khan was so special that he possibly believed, for a while, that a teacher was good. But not always equally good. When you understand these things you have no more trouble.

We are all very ignorant at present. Humanity is on a primitive stage yet. In science, medicine, technology – what we “know” is practically zero. Don’t worry about that. Many great hindus let us wander into oblivion. My duty is the opposite: to prevent this, or try, to my last ounce of life. General Uban also tries as I do, and is surprised that even the most famous yogis have given up on human survival already. I never give up, nor do I worry. I just work. And so do you, bless you. But listen to the being and the One Being – and not to outside so-called teachers.

If in my hurty [sic] I missed some of your questions, write me again. I must admit I am always in an awful hurry – to try to make humanity survive.

Love, Shamcher

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Immature Humanity

And you realize the tentative, experimental stage of the world. After a million years there may be — civilization. Today we have immature experimenting. And a lot of pretenders who live fictions. So what? Enjoy what you can, bear the rest. There is nothing, in today’s science or religion, that has anything but a lick and a promise. There are great individuals — a whole 1/1000 percent of humanity — the rest: Children, playmates. The Lord is in all of them of course, but he isn’t yet mature in all of them.

(from correspondence)

No Expectation

I may be weird, for I expect nothing of anybody, in fact, look calmly for the worst. If anybody shows any sense, constancy, even compassion, it bowls me over. I get so thankful I can hardly stand on my feet.

(from correspondence)